computerised timerecorder

Swipe Card / Proximity Card Based Time Recording System

Computerized Time Reporter is a cutting edge swipe card or RFID card based time recording framework. In this system, each worker is provided with an ID card which he/she has to swipe or show to record his/her in and out timing. It connects to a computer where the recorded information is handled to produce reports.


  • • An exact and quicker recording of in and out timings.
  • • No more control of timings
  • • Instant access to information on absentees, latecomers, etc.
  • • Perfect calculation of work-hours, overtime, etc.
  • • Quick generation of reports and payslips.
  • • Significant saving of man-hours in the generation of reports and payslips.


CHOICE OF DIFFERENT CARD TECHNOLOGIES: Depending on the value, no of workers, employee ID (numeric/alphanumeric) and also the work setting one of the following card technology can be selected.
1O YEARS DATE RETENTION :  Time Reporter’s Non- volatile memory retains recorded data for over ten decades.
INBUILT SMART-UPS :  The Inbuilt smart UPS works in spite of power failure and switches off mechanically in two minutes when the last card has been swiped to preserve battery life.
  • • LED indicator for "OK" card reading
  • • LED indicator for Battery Low
  • • OK/ ERROR audio signal.
MASTER CARD : Master card to set time/date and to enable/disable particular Time Reporter features.
  •  Computer Time Reporter can also be programmed to operate siren at different times in a day.
    Even though the Time Reporter CTR-32 is primarily designed for time recording applications, it will serve additionally as a single door access controller. This feature permits a convenient combination of time recording with access management. The terminal can even handle a door sensor and an emergency exit switch.
  •   3000 records storage capacity and also expandable to 12000 records
  •   Links to a computer serial port (RS-232/RS-485/Modem/Ethernet) to move recorded data.
  •   Up to 32 units of CTR -32 can be connected to a single computer
  •   Dimensions: 6.4" H X 6.8'W X 4"D.
  •   Power Requirement: 230 V AC+ /-15%, 5 watts.
  •   In-built battery backup for operation in case of power loss.
  •   Communication Software
  •   This software allows you to perform the following:
    • •   Configure the Time Reporter
    • •  Set its time & date.
    • •  Set bulletin for all employees.
    • •  Set message for a particular employee.
    • •  Collect recorded punch/ thumb timing data from the Time Reporter.
    • •  TRACK (Time Reporter's attendance computing kit).
    • •  This MIS software allows you to process the information received from the Time Reporter and generate the following reports.
  • DAILY REPORTS: Punch, Presenty, Absentees, Arrival, Early Arrival, Late Arrival, Departure, Early Departure, Overtime, Irregularities, Missing Punch, Performance, On Leave, Summary.
    PERIODIC REPORTS: Performance, Presenty with Overtime, Presents with work Hours, Present with Late Arrival, On Leave Summary.
    MONTHLY REPORTS: Muster, Performance, Presents with Overtime, Presents with Working Hours, Presents with Late Arrival, Shifting Schedule, Summary, Leave Concession.
    ANNUAL REPORTS: Summary, Leave Balance

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