finger print based time attendance system

Finger Print Based Time & Attendance System

In Smartech Engineering, there have been many computerized attempts to provide payroll accuracy. Swipe Card Systems play the best role to minimize manual data entry errors. However, one flaw of Swipe Card System is buddy punching. You cannot be sure that the person using the swipe card actually owns it. In buddy punching, one employee punches or signs in for another that is absent.


Smartech Engineering’s I-Watch is an unsupervised time recording system replacing your muster register/punch card/swipe card system. I-Watch uses advanced fingerprint verification (biometric) of employees rather than relying upon an arbitrary card punch. Fingerprints are unique, so Smartech I-Watch eliminates the ability to buddy punch-saving the company money in time theft and employee abuse.

  • • No more buddy punching.
  • • Accurate & fastest recording of in & out timings.
  • • No more manipulation of timings.
  • • Instant access to information on absentees,latecomers, etc.
  • • Perfect calculation of work-hours, overtime, etc.
  • • Quick generation of reports and payslips. Significant saving of man-hours in the generation of reports and payslips.


Advanced Silicon Sensor

At the heart of the Smartech, I-Watch is the Fingerlock sensor. Developed by Authentec, and easily the most robust, durable and advanced sensor on the market today, the Fingerloc (TM) sensor uses an active antenna array, which looks below the surface layer of the skin producing an unaffected, undistorted image. Unlike other technologies, such as optical or DC capacitive, skin surface conditions such as calluses, dryness, dirt, moisture, or the effects of aging do not limit the capture ability of the sensor. Contaminants such as ink, paint, or glue have little or no effect because the technology reads below the surface capturing the user's LIVE fingerprint. The result. A clearly superior image, which gives the capability to work for everyone- in the real world.
Smartech iWatch uses a new technology that reads below the user’s surface layer of skin down to the live sub-dermal layer where an individual’s true biometric identity resides.
Other biometric reading technologies based on optics or capacitance do not work on up to 30% of the population due to their dependence on the surface layer of the skin. By ignoring the surface layers of the skin, and reading the live tissue down at the sub-dermal layer, a Smartech sub dermal biometric fingerprint system does not suffer from such frailties

I-watch uses the most robust, durable and advanced capacitive based silicon sensor which looks below the surface of the skin capturing the suer's LIVE fingerprint.
Bright 16 character x 2 line backlit LCD display Display time, date, day of the week and records remaining.
Two Fingerprints per person
In case the primary finger is not suitable for verification like when the finger is hurt, the secondary finger can be used for the authentication process.
Quick Employee Verification / Identification Besides advanced silicon sensor, I-watch uses the latest high-speed Digital Signal Processors to provide quick identification/verification. Optional Feature Access Control

Even though I-Watch is primarily designed for time recording applications, it can serve additionally as a single door access controller. This feature permits a convenient combination of time recording with access control. The terminal also handles a door sensor and an emergency exit switch.

10 Years of Data Retention
Time Reporter's Non- volatile memory retains recorded information for over ten decades.
Inbuilt battery backup

The inbuilt smart UPS works in spite of power failure and switches off automatically if the unit is idle for more than two minutes to preserve battery life.

Simple and Fast Employee Registration

Before an employee can use I-watch, they must be registered so that the reader can compare attempts to sign in and out with a master record that authenticates the person. Registration on I-watch is very simple and it takes less than a minute.

I watch - Identify
I Watch Identity
I-watch - Identify search for a matching template within a pool of templates This allows an individual to be uniquely recognized without having to enter the identity by a second means.
  •  Programmable siren & door control.
  •  User - friendly software for management information systems (MIS).
  • Technical Specifications :-
  • User Capacity:- 100
  • Identification time:- > 1 second
  • Records Capacity:- 2,000 expandable to 10,000
  • Dimensions:- 6.4" H x 6.8 " B x 4" D
  • Power requirement:- 230 AC +/- 15 %, 7.5 watts
  • PC Interface:- RS - 232 / RS - 485/ Ethernet

  • I watch - Verify
    I Watch Verify
    I-watch -verify confirms the identity of an individual once the individual's ID number has been input via a keyboard or swipe card. Technical Specifications :-
  • User Capacity :- 250 expandable to 1,000
  • Verfication time :- approx. 1 second
  • Dimensions :- 6.4 "H x 9.3 "B x 4" D D
  • Power Requirement :- 230V AC +/- 15%, 7.5 watts
  • PC Interface :- RS - 232 / Rs - 485/ Ethernet
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